Go Insurance

Mobile first AAA writen in 100% SwiftUI. Includes roadside assistance with realtime tow truck positioning updates, SiriKit Intentions and turn by turn navigation.


YouStar allows users to combine photos and videos together and apply OpenGL based filters to the final render. Additionally users can apply text and text effects to each clip, add transitions between clips and even add music. Clips can be trimmed and reordered via drag and drop. This project relies heavily on OpenGL ES and AVFoundation. Users can upload to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others. YouStar is available on the iPhone and iPad.


Sole developer on the first version of the Calm.com iOS app; a stress reduction and meditation app. This app features scrollable, looping videos, guide audio to help with meditation. It also features downloadable content available through in app purchase. Recently previewed on Dr. OZ. Apple app of the year 2017. Now valued at over a $1B.


Zinc is an all mode communication platform for the deskless worker. It combines chat, video calling, push to talk an more. While at Zinc, I rewrote the messaging timeline to resemble Facebook Messenger’s timeline with grouped chat bubbles, inline media and read/typing indicators. I also created the main radial menu. I implemented several integrations with the system including CallKit, deep linking, and much more. This app relied heavily on CoreData and AFNetworking and also utilized RxSwift, PushKit and Twillio for voice calling.


The companion app to the Zuli Smartplug, a Bluetooth LE enabled Smartplug allowing users to interact with lights and other appliances from their phone. The core of the application is a command based protocol built on top of BLE allowing commands to propagate throughout the Smartplug home network even when a plug is not within range of the phone. The app implements various functionality via machine learning and OpenCV. Custom crafted UI with intricately choreographed animation can be seen throughout the app.

Higher Ground

BLE enabled messaging application that leverages geostationary satalites and a custom BLE accessory to enables users to send and receive text messages when out of cell phone range. Features included:

  • Works with SatPaq: A satellite radio.
  • Easy to use. Operates similar to iPhone texting application
  • Transfers messages over the Internet when in WI-FI or Cell Phone Range
  • Transfers messages over the satellite system when out of WI-FI and Cell Phone Range
  • Includes pointing tools to help locate and align SatPaq to Satellite.
  • Supports message exchanges with traditional cell phone texting apps.


Allows users to connect to psychics via phone or chat.


Sole developer on a digital circular prototype for BestBuy. This demo application utilizes advanced 3D CoreAnimation and OpenGL to achieve unique transitions and user interactions. The curling page animation was written using OpenGL shader technology.


A fully featured photo sharing app which incorporated drag to drop to rearrange photos, user name autocomplete, Aviary photo editing library, and Facebook/Twitter integration.


An iOS isometric city simulation game with over 400k daily active users.


A native iOS version of the popular Flash game. Steve Jobs showcased Farmville for iOS at the 2010 WWDC in San Francisco. The client side utilized Core data, Cocos2D, AMF network protocol.

Games That Give

An variety of parlor games built using a custom game engine. The game engine was built entirely by me in C++ using OpenGL ES. The app was written entirely in C++ with portability in mind.


A simple dating app utilizing an intuitive swipe gesture, realtime chat and geolocation to help people meet other people. The majority of this app was implemented by myself over a 2 week period.

Medical Board Review

A simple multiple choice study aide using SQLite as the data store. I created a JSP web app to allow doctors from all over the US to create, update and organize questions and answers. The question were then automatically added to a SQLite database to be bundled with the iOS app.